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Content Management: What Works?


Back in January, you told us that content management is a key focus for 2014. Right now, APQC is conducting research to find out what organizations are doing to improve access to content and which tools and approaches are most effective. Please take our short survey by March 3 to help us determine…

5 Ways to Improve Supply Chain Logistics


Today executives are examining the logistics function as a strategic opportunity for process improvement, cost savings, and increased customer satisfaction. APQC created our popular Logistics Tune-Up Diagnostic and Interactive Logistics Tune-Up Diagnostic to help organizations find out if its…

Infographic: Gaps in Supply Chain Talent


With the more strategic role of the supply chain comes a greater need for supply chain employees who can meet the needs of a complex, global economy. Add to this the fact that many senior supply chain professionals are going to retire soon and you have widespread shortage of desired skills in the…