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Nike, Microsoft, and the NFL Tackle Innovation


What do Nike, SG Helmets, and Microsoft have in common? They are driving innovation in the products used by players and coaches in the National Football League (NFL). Although the game itself hasn’t changed dramatically over the years, today’s players in the NFL can play in greater comfort and…

What Great Innovative Companies Have in Common


I recently talked to Claude Legrand, managing partner of Ideaction, Inc. to find out what makes companies leaders in innovation and what makes other companies struggle. APQC: What sets successful companies in innovation apart from the rest? Legrand: Knowledge about the innovation process is…

Infographic: Rapid Product Development


According to a recent APQC survey, 51 percent of organizations consider reducing the time to market for their products and services to be a top priority. Many organizations are looking to address this and other priorities through the use of rapid product development initiatives. To find out how…