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TMA People in Energy Conference: Key Takeaways


TMA’s People in Energy conference was held in Houston last week. Elissa Tucker and I had the opportunity to present APQC‘s research on best practices for developing leaders in the oil and gas industry and to speak with attendees about leadership at their organizations. The conference was an…

Benchmarks for HR Shared Services


Does your organization use an HR shared services organization? If so, how are you benchmarking its performance? To find out how HR shared services organizations are faring, APQC recently partnered with ScottMadden to complete the third cycle of a custom benchmarking study focused exclusively…

Why Are CEOs Using Outdated Leadership Ideas?


Recently, APQC has been sharing its latest leadership research to shed insight into today's leadership deficit. Today, we share guest blogger Jonathan Verney's take on outdated leadership ideas. Verney is the lead writer and creative strategist at The Corporate Storyteller. Find his thoughts…

11 Ways to Kickstart Better Leadership


Organizations today are experiencing a leadership deficit. In recent years, surveys have revealed that CEOs fear a shortage of leaders across the globe will impede their plans for growth. Yet business press and business research show the leadership deficit is continuing unabated. However, some…

Want Better HR Performance? Start Using HR Metrics


The use of HR metrics is becoming increasingly common. However, some organizations may be hesitant to adopt using a standard set of metrics for measuring HR performance because of the fear of increased costs; organizations understand that money and resources are required for implementing standard…

What Great Innovative Companies Have in Common


I recently talked to Claude Legrand, managing partner of Ideaction, Inc. to find out what makes companies leaders in innovation and what makes other companies struggle. APQC: What sets successful companies in innovation apart from the rest? Legrand: Knowledge about the innovation process is…