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Expect More from Benchmarking

There are many types of benchmarking, but most organizations continue to focus on what I’ll call “descriptive” benchmarking. This type of benchmarking follows a structured methodology, which is critical to success, but is characterized mainly by collecting data from a group of benchmarking…

Benchmarking Basics: Know the Rules of the Game

Working with benchmarking organizations affords me a view of some of the mistakes organizations regularly make, as well as the things that make them successful. One of the basic mistakes I see organization make is not adhering to some foundational benchmarking principles or rules. This doesn’t…

Benchmarking Relevance Continues to Evolve

If you’ve read my posts related to benchmarking, you know I feel relevance is vital to making benchmarking real for most organizations. This is an area I continue to examine with organizations providing, as well as consuming, benchmarking information. Relevance is the issue currently holding…