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Fixed Asset Accounting: A Primer


As many of our members know, a company that cannot get a handle on fixed asset accounting—a fundamental, meat-and-potatoes aspect of financial management—can raise a lot of eyebrows. Investors want to see that a company can get the basics right. In this video, Mary Driscoll gives a primer…

TMA People in Energy Conference: Key Takeaways


TMA’s People in Energy conference was held in Houston last week. Elissa Tucker and I had the opportunity to present APQC‘s research on best practices for developing leaders in the oil and gas industry and to speak with attendees about leadership at their organizations. The conference was an…

3 Ways To Get Buy In for Process Improvement


We’re process people. We are in awe of Ikea’s ability to standardize the design of beds, bookcases, and boudoirs using the same handful of parts. We assign family chores using SIPOCs and RACIs.  We love frameworks and good relationship maps. But not everyone shares our sensibilities.…