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10 Talent Management Best Practices


A number of talent management best practices have been revealed again and again in APQC’s human capital management research studies. Five of these tried-and-true talent management best practices include: defining talent management broadly, yet integrating the many elements of talent…

Getting Prepared for BYOD


Gartner predicts that half of organizations will move to a mandatory bring your own device (BYOD) program by 2017. As organizations start to think about BYOD, it's also good to look at what works when formalizing a strategy.  Organizations can encounter pitfalls when implementing a BYOD…

Why and How Often to Benchmark Finance


The cost of finance operations at the typical large company has been cut in half over the past decade. CFOs got what they wanted: talented and dedicated people doing more with less, and those with a knack for stats polishing their analytical contributions. So, I got to wondering: what’s behind the…

Is Micro-Managing with BPM a Myth?


APQC recently talked to Scott Francis, co-founder and CTO of BP3, about why more detail in modeling isn’t the answer but knowing the right details are. You can follow Scott on Twitter at @sfrancisatx APQC:  You’ve mentioned before on your blog how the ‘Myth’ of micromanaging with BPM…