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Chris Taylor explains why BPM is like a marriage


APQC's Executive Director, Ron Webb talked to Chris Taylor, Marketing Director at TIBCO Software, and writer for SucessfulWorkplace.com. They discuss why organizations struggle implementing BPM, how the problems are a lot like the old relationship book ‘Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus’,…

3 Ways to Get Projects Funded


Let’s face it: we all need buy-in. At work, we need it to get project funding, to obtain an investment in some new technology, and to receive approval from our peers. We need it a home, too—to get the family to stop arguing, to agree on a place for dinner, or to get a child to clean up her room.…

Customizing the Electric Utilities Framework


I had a very good question from a friend of mine using the Electric Utilities PCF in her organization and I wanted to share it with you.   She realized that the latest version of the Electric Utilities PCF differed from the latest version of the Cross Industry PCF and she wanted to know if…

Leadership: What's Your Opinion?


Forbes wrote an article on the top qualities for leaders today. But what is the state of today's organizational leadership? APQC conducted a brief survey on the state of leadership in today's organizations. Employees and leaders are interested in the factors that affect existing leadership…