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KM Needs People to Make it Effective


This thing I like to call knowledge management (KM for short) reminds me of another time in my career where having certain skills and experience didn’t seem to make the “big leagues” of professions. Yet, what I learned then seems all too appropriate for what I’m doing today in KM. So much so that I…

Overcome Three Common Barriers to BPM


According to a recent blog post, The top three barriers to effective BPM,  that Chris Taylor wrote on SuccessfulWorkplace.com, there are generally three big challenges associated with implementing business process management (BPM) initiatives. First, Taylor said many organizations struggle…

Supply Chain Management and Social Networking


Should social networking be implemented for the supply chain? That is a topic of interest to Adrian Gonzalez of Adelante SCM. He argues in a blog post on Logistics Viewpoints that social networking can be applied to the supply chain because it is “about facilitating people-to-people…

Three Ways to Extend the Retail PCF


IBM CEO and APQC Board Member Ginni Rometty recently declared the death of traditional marketing as we know it. New marketers MUST focus directly to the customer, not to the segment. Retailers are definitely feeling this pressure as consumers are pressuring them to lower prices, provide better…