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Make Project Management More Successful


It’s a sad truth that sometimes projects fail. This article written by Duncan Haughey, courtesy of the Process Excellence Network (PEX), examines five common reasons for project failure and suggests how to overcome them. Successful Project Management is Not Rocket Science There is no worse…

Free Shared Services Benchmarking Recording


Do you have questions regarding how the human resources shared services industry performs on key metrics related to: staffing levels, costs, operating models, and service center performance? Check out Scott Madden and APQC's  June HCM webinar. During this…

Talent Development for the Supply Chain


Recruiting high-potential supply chain professionals is of interest to many organizations. With supply chain becoming a more strategic function within the enterprise, organizations are seeking employees that can meet the demands of a complex, global economy. In a recent article in The Wall Street…

Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Resiliency


During the recession, many companies pared their supplier lists to win volume price discounts from surviving vendors. Many firms also extended the global reach of their sourcing activities. But the need to balance cost efficiency with supply chain resiliency has become a growing concern. APQC’s…