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Guide to Improving Performance Management


Performance management. Performance appraisals.  Year-end reviews and evaluations. Goals. Balanced scorecards. Do any of these terms make you cringe? Many people dislike the process of performance management for several reasons. Some employees don’t take the process seriously because they don…

Making Process Change Management Stick


Change is hard…and most people don’t like change.  So, APQC, being APQC, is going to look at how we can make process change stick.  Later on this year, we will be launching a study currently titled, “Making Process Change Management Stick.”  We want to examine and share with others…

Benchmark Your Recruiting Practice


HR benchmarking metrics are growing in popularity, but they’re typically expensive and difficult to get. You can gain a lot of insight from this information though. Benchmarking helps organizations understand where they stand compared to others in their industry. This information can allow them to…

Knowledge Management Tools for Expertise Location


As many of you know, APQC held its 18th (!!) Annual Knowledge Management Conference in Houston last week. This is my sixth conference, and it’s always one of my favorite weeks of the year—getting to hear what’s going on in people’s KM programs, what challenges they’re facing, and all the success…

Overcome Resistance to Process Change


In 2005, Antony Savvas wrote a blog post called Resistance to Business Process Management: Gaining Buy-In. He discussed in his ComputerWeekly.com article that human nature plays a critical part in successfully implementing business process management (BPM). He noted that organizations believe…