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Getting Prepared for BYOD


Gartner predicts that half of organizations will move to a mandatory bring your own device (BYOD) program by 2017. As organizations start to think about BYOD, it's also good to look at what works when formalizing a strategy.  Organizations can encounter pitfalls when implementing a BYOD…

Knowledge Management and Engineering Workflows


While attending site visits for APQC’s “Transferring and Applying Critical Knowledge” study, I’ve been thinking about how KM is practiced in scientific, technical, and engineering organizations vs. other types of firms. Obviously the types of content and expertise being shared are different, but I…

New IT Benchmarks in the Knowledge Base


The interesting thing about our knowledge management (KM) taxonomy is that IT falls under KM. From time to time we get a couple of Ask Us requests about IT, and our research isn't as full in the area of IT.  Well, turns out from looking at our Open Standards Benchmarking in IT, there’s a lot…

KM Needs People to Make it Effective


This thing I like to call knowledge management (KM for short) reminds me of another time in my career where having certain skills and experience didn’t seem to make the “big leagues” of professions. Yet, what I learned then seems all too appropriate for what I’m doing today in KM. So much so that I…