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Overcome Three Common Barriers to BPM


According to a recent blog post, The top three barriers to effective BPM,  that Chris Taylor wrote on SuccessfulWorkplace.com, there are generally three big challenges associated with implementing business process management (BPM) initiatives. First, Taylor said many organizations struggle…

Make Project Management More Successful


It’s a sad truth that sometimes projects fail. This article written by Duncan Haughey, courtesy of the Process Excellence Network (PEX), examines five common reasons for project failure and suggests how to overcome them. Successful Project Management is Not Rocket Science There is no worse…

Overcome Resistance to Process Change


In 2005, Antony Savvas wrote a blog post called Resistance to Business Process Management: Gaining Buy-In. He discussed in his ComputerWeekly.com article that human nature plays a critical part in successfully implementing business process management (BPM). He noted that organizations believe…

Using the New Retail PCF


APQC released the retail process classification framework (PCF) this past fall. Over the years, the APQC cross-industry PCF has proven a valuable and useful tool for a variety of organizations in multiple industries. This new version allows retail organizations to benefit from the same types…