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Game-Changing Innovation at Caterpillar


On Wednesday, December 4, APQC and the Edison Awards will be hosting a Webinar presentation by Caterpillar Inc. on the development of an innovative product. Randy Peterson, advanced technology development manager for Caterpillar, will be discussing how the organization developed the game-changing…

Supply Chain Management and Social Networking


Should social networking be implemented for the supply chain? That is a topic of interest to Adrian Gonzalez of Adelante SCM. He argues in a blog post on Logistics Viewpoints that social networking can be applied to the supply chain because it is “about facilitating people-to-people…

Talent Development for the Supply Chain


Recruiting high-potential supply chain professionals is of interest to many organizations. With supply chain becoming a more strategic function within the enterprise, organizations are seeking employees that can meet the demands of a complex, global economy. In a recent article in The Wall Street…

Supply Chain Risk and Resiliency


Do you think that global supply chains are at greater risk of physical disruption today? APQC is currently conducting a survey to learn whether or not business executives believe this to be true and what their organizations are doing to address that risk. During the recession, many companies…

Cisco, Corning, BT Among Companies to Be Studied


APQC’s Best Practices Study, Open Innovation: Enhancing Idea Generation Through Collaboration, is rolling along, and we’re excited about this research. In late January our participating organizations selected the best-practice partners that we will study, and site visits will start this month.…