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Customizing the Electric Utilities Framework


I had a very good question from a friend of mine using the Electric Utilities PCF in her organization and I wanted to share it with you.   She realized that the latest version of the Electric Utilities PCF differed from the latest version of the Cross Industry PCF and she wanted to know if…

Three Ways to Extend the Retail PCF


IBM CEO and APQC Board Member Ginni Rometty recently declared the death of traditional marketing as we know it. New marketers MUST focus directly to the customer, not to the segment. Retailers are definitely feeling this pressure as consumers are pressuring them to lower prices, provide better…

Process Management: An Explanation for the Masses


One of the big hurdles in my work is explaining the value of process management to people who are actually executing processes—ones that I’m trying to put under control. It’s not easy. Many times the value appears dubious—the return on investment (ROI) can’t be achieved in the short term. People…