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Why Brand Doesn’t Matter in Consulting


The consulting profession’s largest firms--the multi-billion dollar global firms that offer services across multiple industries, geographies, and market segments--have brand awareness levels as much as twice that of the average firm. However, the relative likelihood that a client will hire them isn…

External Sources Aid Process Management


Many organizations want to implement process management into their organizations, but they find that motivating employees can be one of the biggest challenges. Some organizations are able to gain buy-in to process management by using external influences such as adopting the standards of recognized…

The Concerning State of Productivity


Recently, Hedrick Smith published a New York Times editorial titled When Capitalists Cared. His discussion was a great review of American productivity starting in 1945, a time when productivity, pay, and standard of living were all increasing in the United States. Smith tracked wages and…

The Cost of Not Knowing


Trustworthy information remains the critical element needed for good decision making. When it comes to improvement initiatives, many business leaders rely on a combination of facts and intuition to make the call on what will work. To strengthen the “facts” part of the equation, the source of…

Keys to Unearthing 2013’s Hidden Consulting Demand


It’s all a matter of perspective. Countless books, reports, and journal articles lament the decline of the consulting profession, couching this grim forecast in phrases like the “end of big ideas.” Instead of writing the profession’s obituary, APQC has reached a different conclusion after…