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5 Skills Every Lean Manager Needs


What does it take to be a Lean leader? This article, courtesy of the Process Excellence Network (PEX), suggests five different traits. Lean supervisors are often the key cogs in the process improvement machinery. They sit on the border between management and the coal face, dealing with issues as…

Smart HR


Learn how your HR function can work smarter by more formally managing HR knowledge. I’ve been writing a lot lately about the shortage of technical skills plaguing organizations in the aerospace, energy, engineering, and many other industries. But, there is another skills shortage that I want to…

To Offshore or Reshore?


Has your organization looked closely at whether offshoring manufacturing is the best choice? During a recent Webinar, Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative discussed how organizations can calculate the total cost of ownership for offshoring manufacturing. The Webinar was…

Reduce General Accounting Costs


Contrary to popular belief, large, corporate accounting functions have unwittingly retained a lot of waste and inefficiencies in their processes. Despite a decade of cost reduction and process optimization, CFOs and controllers are still not leveraging the cost-reduction power of shared services…

Using SharePoint for Information Governance


People are always begging me for more SharePoint content, so I’m happy to announce that APQC has published a new SharePoint case study. It focuses on Chevron’s Procurement and Supply Chain Management function, which is building a SharePoint system to house reference information, working documents,…

Cut the Clutter of Random Acts of Improvement


When discussing process management and improvement, I often talk about the concept of “random acts of improvement.” People, with good intentions, are off trying to make their part of the organization better, more efficient, simpler. But often these changes are done locally, in silos, without…

Who’s Responsible for Managing International Risk?


Sparked by Walmart’s recent scandal in Mexico, CFOs are anxious to learn how the company should have dealt with the situation. What exactly is the difference between a “facilitation fee” and a bribe? How can an organization stay legal in foreign markets where legislation is—at best—ambiguous?…