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Health Care Reform? No. Health Care Perform!


I’m sure you’ve heard about health care reform <grin>, but I think we are missing the bigger picture. The main point supported by the Supreme Court is about universal coverage—whether it is Constitutional to require all Americans to buy health insurance. I’m sure health care reform will…

What Do Clients Value When Hiring a Consultant?


For professional services firms, knowing what clients value in a consulting firm—and crafting the message accordingly—can be the difference between winning and losing an engagement. To that end, APQC asked senior procurement and C-level executives to prioritize what they value when hiring a…

Are You Preparing for the Coming War for Talent?


Participate in APQC’s “War for Finance Talent” Survey: Are You Prepared? and find out how your organization compares to others in attracting and retaining finance talent. The impending loss of intellectual capital that will occur when the baby boomers begin to retire in droves is, and will continue…

How Healthy Is Your Wellness Program?


Take our new Employee Wellness Program Assessment. Then, find improvement ideas using APQC’s Employee Health and Wellness Resource Collection. Nearly a year has passed since my last blog post on employee wellness programs. As June is National Employee Wellness Month* in the United States, I want…

12 Emerging Practices in Quality Measurement


How does your organization measure quality? Is it an enterprise-wide concern? APQC recently researched how to use enterprise quality measurement to drive business value. We found that there are 12 emerging practices that exemplary organizations are leveraging to get even better results. In…

5 “Rules” For Recruiting Technical Talent


Is your organization among the many that are struggling to fill technical jobs? “Jobs for Skilled Workers Are Going Unfilled”— Los Angeles Times, June 8, 2012 “Global Talent Shortage Worries Multinationals”— MarketWatch, June 1, 2012 “Skilled Workers in Demand as Companies Face…

Webinar on Manufacturing in North America


APQC members can download a recording and the slides from the June APQC/AME Benchmarking CoP Webinar. Join APQC and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) on June 19 at 10:00 a.m. (CDT) for a complimentary Webinar on challenges facing North American manufacturing and ideas on how to…

The Urgent Need to Treat Finance Talent as an Asset


Recently, I spoke on the phone with Jonathan Schiff, president of Schiff Consulting Group, about talent development within finance organizations. Schiff points out that “finance staff are being asked to do many more things with fewer people because of the headcount reductions that took place…