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Keep Your Supply Chain on Track


Is your supply chain running ahead of the competition? APQC’s supply chain Tune-Up Diagnostics can help you find out. This popular series give you the ability to evaluate your organization’s performance throughout the entire supply chain. The series includes the following diagnostic tools…

Finance in the Cloud


A scary thought for many finance professionals is utilizing cloud computing for finance functions. Benefits of cloud computing are clear: documents can be modified from anywhere at any time by anyone (with access) on any device. Though less of a new concept for other parts of an organization, some…

You Can Shape Our PD/Innovation Research


At APQC we’re finalizing our product development/innovation best practices research agenda for the year. But we want your input to make sure the study topic we choose is what you most want to know about. Take our short Web-based survey at http://www.apqc.org/surveys/hottopic/pdinno2012 to let us…

Can We Take Collaboration to the Next Level?


I am always looking for mentions of knowledge management in popular media, and this piece from a recent New York Times caught my eye: Crowd-Sourcing Expands Power of Brain Research. In it, Benedict Carey describes a large scientific study in which multiple research centers around the globe shared…

It’s Recovery Time for Work/Life Balance


Over the past several years, high levels of unemployment pushed the topic of work/life balance to the HR sidelines. With hiring in the United States reaching levels not seen since 2008 (as reported by the Gallup Job Creation Index), the time has come for HR to revisit work/life balance. During the…

Material Master Data Management


Many organizations have multiple software systems supporting their supply chains. Warehouse management systems, ERP systems, and other software used for procurement, inventory, and transportation processes can have conflicting data. The isolation of these different software systems can lead to…

Retain Talent with Better Programs


In a survey conducted in March 2012 by APQC and IEG, 65 percent of finance organizations have some strategy for talent development, either with a coherent, continuous strategy or intermittent attempts. However, an alarming 52 percent of those same respondents who are making an effort to develop…

Processes Are People, Too


Processes are more than activities, tasks, steps, and procedures. They involve people. Sure, we've mechanized large portions of many processes, but people are never far from the activities. People drive processes, and yet, so many organizations ignore the human element within processes, trying to…