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Why the Interest in Pinterest?


As a stereotypical Millennial, I am often approached by APQC's KM subject matter experts to provide “user opinions” on new social media tools. Within a span of four days I had two e-mails in my inbox from Cindy Hubert and Jim Lee inquiring as to how and why I use Pinterest. I was already an active…

Continuous Improvement Barriers


Executing a single improvement initiative is one thing. Creating a culture of continuous improvement is another. The idea of one improvement project is usually fairly clear and straightforward. There is a beginning and an end, clear steps, resources dedicated for certain hours and durations, and a…

Organizations Still Ripe for Payment Fraud


Results from the 2012 Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) Fraud and Control Survey conducted in January 2012 have been recently published. In its eighth year, the AFP Fraud and Control Survey highlights the situation, methods, and frequency in which the majority of organizations fall…

Solutions to Your Technical Talent Challenges


An informal poll conducted during APQC’s July 2011 Human Capital Management Community Call found that when it comes to managing technical talent organizations’ top challenges span the entire talent management life cycle—from sourcing to developing employees to rewards and recognition and…

Collaborate to Compete


Staying ahead doesn't mean that your competitors can't improve. This week, I was reading Eric Lowitt's latest blog post for the Harvard Business Review: Why Your Company Should Partner with Rivals. So many organizations are afraid to open up and collaborate with competitors because they don't want…

AP Leaders Really Do It Better


The latest update of the Accounts Payable Productivity Index (APPI)* shows that investments in AP process automation can be very worthwhile. The top-performers in the index (organizations with top-quartile scores for both efficiency and effectiveness) are gaining ground in their efforts to get…