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AP Leaders Really Do It Better


The latest update of the Accounts Payable Productivity Index (APPI)* shows that investments in AP process automation can be very worthwhile. The top-performers in the index (organizations with top-quartile scores for both efficiency and effectiveness) are gaining ground in their efforts to get…

USPS Move Reinforces E-invoicing


Today’s consumer is riding the latest technology wave and moving digital purchases and payments to mobile platforms. In contrast, B2B billing and payment processes remain mostly paper-based. That said, we see on the commercial side a strong and growing desire for accounts payable (AP) process…

Financial Management: Best Practices Today


Need a quick and handy way to learn what top-notch finance executives are up to? Take a look at this webinar that I hosted recently for APQC’s financial management community. I presented a tidy package of what I determined to be the most informative case studies and metrics analyses that our…

Imagine a Sick or Dying Euro


Is foreign currency exchange (FX) volatility a concern of yours? If you manage payables or receivables processes for a large organization that buys or sells in the Eurozone, you should be thinking “outside the box” when it comes to recent FX volatility. And you should pay particularly close…

Tips for CFOs Making Large Capital Investments


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to make time for researching and pondering big-picture ideas, especially those with a contrarian flavor. I want to remain alert to the flow of commercial currents that influence how CEOs and CFOs set growth strategies. Ultimately, those high-level decisions drive…