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Give the People What They Want


We’ve been getting a lot of feedback on the content in the Knowledge Base. So far the majority of the feedback has indicated that you are satisfied with our content. We’ve also gotten some requests for content on specific topics. Here are a few of these topics, along with content that may be just…

Process Improvement: The Job that Never Ends


The goal of process management is to improve performance. Whether the emphasis is customer retention, cycle time, employee satisfaction, efficiency, business growth, productivity, or any other goal, organizations implement process management to improve something. Countless books have been written…

U.S. Congress Passes Three FTAs


On October 12, the U.S. Congress passed free trade agreements (FTAs) with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia. Originally negotiated five years ago, the agreements must be signed by President Obama before they go into effect. The FTA with South Korea will make 95 percent of U.S. consumer and…

Strategic Alignment: Move in the Right Direction


We’ve all worked in an organization that feels chaotic. Here’s a common scenario: You’re happily performing a process, doing some work you’ve done dozens of times before, only to find out that the one sub-process you depend on has changed, and not for the better. Another common horror story…