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Following the Crowd


Executive: We need to implement business process management. How do we go about doing it? Colleague: Well, we don't have a center for process improvement, and the group that usually handles enterprise projects does not have expertise in process management specifically. Executive: I hear that lots…

Tell Your Story at APQC’s Next KM Conference


We still have three months left in 2011, but APQC is already hard at work planning our 2012 knowledge management conference, which will take place April 26 and 27 in Houston. To help us put together the best possible event, please consider submitting an abstract to be considered as a presenter!…

The Real Pros are Facing IFRS Now


For more than a decade, finance executives have been hearing about the difficulties that would land in their laps once the SEC set the date on which U.S. firms would have to stop using GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) and start using the “globally harmonized” accounting regime known…

Majoring in SCM


In my last blog post I outlined the essential skills for supply chain managers, as indicated by readers of the Focus Research Web site. That post focused more on skills rather than how supply chain professionals gain those skills. Last week Bloomberg Businessweek posted an article on how more…

Stuck in a Rut?


It's difficult to shake off old patterns, especially when those patterns are dysfunctional processes in an organization. Most organizations have processes that they know do not work, and yet they hold onto them—sometimes for years. Take the stage-gate process in product development for example. As…

Three Ways to Cultivate a Knowledge-Sharing Culture


Most of you have probably seen the first excerpt we published from Carla O’Dell and Cindy Hubert’s new book The New Edge in Knowledge: How Knowledge Management Is Changing the Way We Do Business. Now, we’ve added another sneak peak from the book to APQC’s Knowledge Base—and this one is only…

Leadership Skills Wanted. Help is Here.


More than three-quarters of organizations responding to APQC’s Work Force Capabilities 2011 survey indicated that senior management/executive leadership skills are somewhat or very difficult for them to secure. Eighty-six percent of these organizations plan to address this and other talent…