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Using SharePoint for Information Governance

People are always begging me for more SharePoint content, so I’m happy to announce that APQC has published a new SharePoint case study. It focuses on Chevron’s Procurement and Supply Chain Management function, which is building a SharePoint system to house reference information, working documents, and communities of practice. The function’s first priority is to complete a repository for standard processes and related knowledge, which will provide the work force with a one-stop shop for process documentation as well as best practices, templates, and examples related to core processes.

APQC members can read the full case study to learn more. Or, if your organization isn’t an APQC member yet, you can still check out this slide deck from our 2012 KM conference where Chevron’s Wendy Borchert and Carol Anne Calder described the cool things their organization is doing with SharePoint.