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Top 3 KM Tools That Can Help Beginners

Here at APQC, we find that a lot of organizations aren’t sure where to start when it comes to knowledge management. They want to develop a strategy to improve the flow of knowledge through their business processes, but as newcomers, it’s easy for them to get lost in all the specialized terminology and technology fads that pervade the knowledge management field.

APQC provides many articles and examples to help our members get up to speed on proven approaches and common pitfalls (if you’re looking for this information, our Knowledge Management Overviews collection is a good place to start). But for this post, I’d like to highlight three tools that can accelerate your time-to-competency for KM, both as an individual and as an organization.

  1. Knowledge Management Glossary – Confused about all the buzz words you see when you read about knowledge management? Feel like people are speaking a different language? This glossary provides definitions for key knowledge management terminology, as well as links to relevant content and examples from APQC's Knowledge Base.
  2. Knowledge Management Program Self-Assessment – Once you understand basic KM terms and concepts, the next logical question is: Where do I stand? Is my organization starting from scratch, or are there processes and tools in place that we can leverage? This quick, 15-question assessment is a good starting place to determine the current state of KM in your organization. (As a next step, we recommend advancing to a more thorough assessment like APQC’s KM Capability Assessment Tool, which gives you a nuanced view of current capabilities and targeted advice for taking your effort to the next level.)
  3. Interactive Knowledge Management Framework – After assessing your current status, you need a strategy and plan for improvement. This online tool outlines the stages of KM strategy implementation along with the actions necessary at each stage to move you to the next level. Click on each stage to see white papers, best practices, tools, and templates that can help you. And we update this tool every month, so you’re always seeing our latest research and advice.

What tools do you recommend for KM beginners? Post recommendations below or Tweet me @ltrees_KM with ideas.

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