Putting Performance Management into the Flow of Work

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If you’re like me, or any of the other folks responsible for running some part of a growing concern, you probably spend a lot of time in performance dashboards like this one.

Traditional Performance Dashboard

I hate files like this.

Where Does APQC Get It?

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Hey folks, Tesmer here. We’ve been super busy this year working on great things for you in the Process Classification Framework®(PCF) world, including updates to all of the industry specific frameworks, a brand new cross-industry framework, and MosaiQTM

Long Awaited PCF Updates Have Arrived

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It’s time to update the Process Classification Framework® (PCF)! As the steward of the world’s most frequently downloaded process framework – with over 100,000 downloads a year – APQC is accountable to you, the process framework consuming public to keep the PCF up to date. This year’s changes are very exciting – at least to framework geeks like me.

Better Benchmarking Through The Process Classification Framework

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Over the years thousands of people around the world have downloaded APQC's Process Classification Framework® (PCF) . Most of them have a clear problem they're trying to solve, while others are just curious or are doing research. One thing we have clearly understood over time is generally what people are doing with the PCF once they download it.

PCF July Mailbag: Aligning PCF to ITIL, flowcharts, and better way to compare versions of PCF

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In the July episode of the PCF Mailbag I discuss mapping and alignment between the PCF and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for IT processes, why the PCF doesn't use flow charts, and an easier and simpler way to compare older versions of the PCF to the most recent one.


If you have questions you want answered in our next PCF mailbag email me at jtesmer@apqc.org

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DKv1ERgrZ4

PCF June Mailbag: Definitions, PCF BPM Implementation, and Pharmaceutical PCF

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Today I'd like to launch a new feature here at APQC: the PCF mailbag. Like many other mailbag kind of sessions, this one will be driven by questions submitted by our members, PCF users, and other who are interested in the PCF. I'll answer the questions to the best of my ability and maybe even pull in a guest or two to help out when I can't answer them on my own.

Are you ready? A flurry of PCF activity is coming your way!

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It has been an exhausting few months here at APQC, and we aren't planning to slow down either. Among other things, we've had not one, two, or three, but FOUR different teams of people working on new PCF offerings throughout the summer with the intention of releasing them at this year's Process Conference. Here's the list of all that we're planning to release before the end of this year:

Customizing the Electric Utilities Framework

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I had a very good question from a friend of mine using the Electric Utilities PCF in her organization and I wanted to share it with you.
She realized that the latest version of the Electric Utilities PCF differed from the latest version of the Cross Industry PCF and she wanted to know if she could customize her organization's version of the EU PCF to include the components of the Cross Industry PCF that she felt were missing for her organization's adoption of the PCF.

Three Ways to Extend the Retail PCF

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IBM CEO and APQC Board Member Ginni Rometty recently declared the death of traditional marketing as we know it. New marketers MUST focus directly to the customer, not to the segment. Retailers are definitely feeling this pressure as consumers are pressuring them to lower prices, provide better service, and do it all at the time and place of the customer’s choosing.

Process Classification Framework: Play by the Rules

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Organizations around the world leverage APQC’s process classification framework (PCF) to efficiently define processes, benchmark performance, and catalog and organize knowledge and content. Organizations depend on APQC to consistently define and manage the PCF in order to ensure the long-term value of their investment in adopting the framework. But how does it work?