Top 3 Reasons Process Owners LOVE APQC’s PCF®

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Process Owners absolutely LOVE APQC’s Process Classification Framework (PCF)®. Here are three key reasons why they love it so much – but first – who is a process owner? Process owners are like chief operating officers for tiny slices of an enterprise. Process owner responsibilities vary from organization to organization, but typically include: process definition, system implementation and suitability, tools to bridge gaps, people to execute processes, specific outcomes, and more.

What Comes First Architecture or Process?

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In the past, APQC has talked at great length about the Process Classification Framework® (PCF) in terms of APQC’s offerings: process management, content/knowledge management, and benchmarking. Inspired by my colleague Holly’s recent research, I started thinking about how APQC positions itself in the enterprise architecture (EA) space. How can organizations that are focusing on enterprise architecture leverage APQC’s PCF for better EA outcomes?

Putting Consistency into Your Processes: Process Definitions are Here!

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After all these years it’s finally here!

You may have heard that APQC is adding definitions to the process framework. If you haven’t, go take a quick peek at the blog post where I announced their development. I put lots of information in there about why we did it and the history of definitions in the Process Classification Framework® (PCF).

Business Process Definitions Matter, So We Made Them Better

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Business Process Definitions – providing lots of additional value to framework creators and maintainers.

One of the most valued features of APQC’s Process Classification Framework® (PCF) is that it clearly defines business processes in a way that most people quickly understand. The simplicity of the PCF is precisely what enables its quick adoption and wide utility.

An Easier Pathway To Better Process Management and Improvement

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I keep telling myself that the world is ready for a new way to manage processes. The next few weeks will show me whether I am right or wrong. I know this because of what I’ve seen and learned in the past 10 years.

Desperately Seeking Benchmarking in Process Management?

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The excitement around the APQC offices is reaching a fever pitch. It's the kind of excitement you feel the night before a day you just know is going to be a great one. Maybe you're going to show off your sweet new coffee mug with a clever one-liner written on it. Maybe you have an awesome birthday party planned (e.g., a trip to the movies with all your friends to see Space Jam). At APQC, it's the impending debut of MosaiQ.

Process Management Fails Because Of Bad Language

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Around here, lots of process conversations start with, “Hey! Got a minute?”

When someone around APQC comes to me with one of those, I immediately cringe a little bit – rarely is the request something that I can actually handle in “a minute”. This is especially true if the request has something to do with how my department (Open Standards Benchmarking®) works with other departments (like marketing, research, finance, HR, etc.). But I have a secret weapon in my arsenal: MosaiQ™.

How Does MosaiQ Help Manage?

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I’m going to get a little personal here. And no, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to share family pictures from the recent holiday celebrations, or my innermost dreams and desires. I am, however, going to let you in on a little bit of the reason as to why we wanted to develop MosaiQ™, and what it means to us at APQC.

Putting Performance Management into the Flow of Work

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If you’re like me, or any of the other folks responsible for running some part of a growing concern, you probably spend a lot of time in performance dashboards like this one.

Traditional Performance Dashboard

I hate files like this.

Where Does APQC Get It?

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Hey folks, Tesmer here. We’ve been super busy this year working on great things for you in the Process Classification Framework®(PCF) world, including updates to all of the industry specific frameworks, a brand new cross-industry framework, and MosaiQTM