What Potential Leaders Need to Succeed

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So we have now discussed how we know the organization and the individual, we have given them what they need to succeed and now we are going to put it in gear!

How Bad Motivations Can Erode Leadership

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We discuss in my last blog how to understand the organization and know what is and is not accepted. With that information in mind, you can focus on the individual. Helping them understand themselves is key to enabling them be the best they can be by individualizing their development.

Step 2: Know Them

Leadership Capabilities: How Do You Choose the Right Person to Lead?

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Making sure that you have the right leaders in place is no easy or small feat. The essence of leadership is knowing the direction you desire to travel and having the ability to influence the head, hands, and heart of others to follow you there. Of these three, the heart is clearly the most important because it’s here that emotion, passion, and discretionary effort abide. It is the heart that promotes greatness.