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How Cisco Systems and General Mills use Open Innovation

APQC conducted both in-person and virtual site visits in March and early April for the Best Practices Study, Open Innovation: Enhancing Idea Generation Through Collaboration.

Site visits have taken place for the following five best-practice organizations:

The site visits have offered some very exciting information about the open innovation efforts of our best-practice partners.  Each of these organizations excels at looking both externally and internally for potential sources of new ideas.  Both Cisco Systems, Inc.’s I-Prize and General Mills’ G-Win Portal have created new ways for these organizations to increase their idea sources. 

The I-Prize is a competition created by Cisco Systems, Inc. that challenges entrepreneurs to put forth ideas that Cisco can turn into $1 billion businesses. 

General Mills’ G-Win Portal provides an opportunity for people outside of the organization to submit novel technologies. 

Open innovation is being used by many organizations to outperform market competitors.  Has your organization opened its eyes to open innovation opportunities?

Visit our Open Innovation page for more information on the research.