Can ‘The Internet of Everything’ Transform BPM?

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APQC recently talked to Charlie Martin, Director in Cisco Advanced Services, about how process can leverage the ‘Internet of Everything’ to transform business process management.

Charlie will be leading the Unlocking Business Process Transformation: Leveraging the Internet of Everything breakout session at APQC’s 2016 Process Conference Oct. 3-7.

You can connect with Charlie on LinkedIn.

How Allison Transmission Did Enterprise Wide Process Transformation

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 Jeff Mooers, IT Manager Business Services at Allison Transmissions and Claire Wybrow, Business Architect at Allegient LLC, explain how the company launched an enterprise-wide transformation to unify and curate all official business processes and policies.

Learn more about APQC’s 2016 Process Conference is October 3-7.


Engaging the Business in Data-Driven Decision Making

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I recently had the chance to interview  Alice Chung, Senior Manager of Field Operations & Information Management at Genentech about understanding the value of data-driven decision making and how to engage the business to meet its needs and overcome resistance. 

Business Case for Building a Data-Driven Culture

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I recently interviewed Eric Siegel, founder of Predictive Analytics World and author of Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die, about how to build a data-driven organization.

Putting Agility into How You Do Business

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According to PWC’s 2016 CEO survey, more than half of the participating CEOs believe that due to the fast pace of change of the business environment—disruptive technologies, internet of things, more demanding customers, growing regulations, etc.—organizations see more threats and opportunities on the horizon than they did three years ago. However, most of the CEOs are concerned that their organizations lack the skills and flexibility necessary to identify and deal with new opportunities and threats.

You Defined Your Process, Now What?

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Recently I had the opportunity to talk to one of the MosaiQ™ advisory council members, Claire Wybrow, enterprise business architect at Allegient, LLC., about her experience with using MosaiQ in the beta environment.

What are some of the big challenges you have faced recently?

Want Better Process Management? Think Knowledge Management

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In our blog series lately, you’ve heard many of us talking about the intersection of process and knowledge management, particularly in regard to MosaiQ. However, the real disparity between knowledge management and process management became apparent to me at a conference last year; during a presentation I gave on effective ways to use process frameworks.

Integrating Knowledge and Learning into How You Accomplish Work

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I was thinking about the relationship between access to knowledge and quality of learning.  It started when I was working on a project in which I needed to embed a video file into a content piece. My mind went completely blank and I had to rummage through my organization’s SharePoint site and Wikis to figure out the process to embed a simple video. Please feel free to laugh— sometimes I am technically challenged or a “complete Luddite” according to my teenage son.

Want Process Improvement Initiatives to Work? Start Small.

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What are keys to successful process improvement initiatives that overcome resistance? At United Illuminating, dashboards and status reports were implemented despite employees being skeptical at first.  Phil Surato, Manager of Project Management Strategy and Mary Lou Palmieri, Director Portfolio Services at United Illuminating talk about how they implemented dashboards & status reports despite resistance.

What Are the Biggest Challenges for Process Management in 2016?

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As we started to prepare for 2016, we surveyed over 200 process and performance management practitioners to understand their common challenges and priorities for the upcoming year, including process management. What we found was that most organizations continue to struggle with moving from a function-based to process-thinking organization.

This infographic explores the top challenges in process management and provides some simple tips for addressing them.