APQC Answers 6 HR Questions

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 Responses to frequently asked questions about the HR function

In my last blog post, I wrote about new APQC tools that can help HR assess its past performance and make plans for the future. In this post, I want to present some new APQC articles that answer common questions about the HR function—questions that our members often ask us as they assess HR performance and set HR plans.

New Tools Help HR Assess Progress and Make Plans

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At this time of year, many APQC members and customers are busy assessing their performance in 2012 and making ambitious plans for 2013. As your HR function considers where it’s been and where it wants to be, take a look at the new tools and resources that APQC has available to assist you.

Take the Tour . . .

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of Our Latest Performance-Improving Resources for HR.

On Tuesday, August 28 at 10:30 a.m. CDT, join me for a complimentary, guided tour of APQC’s most recent human capital management (HCM) content.


Hear where you can find HR metrics including:

Staying Relevant in HR

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Do you have what it takes to succeed in HR not just this year but also in the years to come?

While listening to a radio program on job retraining in the United States, I started thinking about the skills and abilities that HR professionals will need to stay relevant and employable into the near-term future.

Smart HR

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Learn how your HR function can work smarter by more formally managing HR knowledge.

I’ve been writing a lot lately about the shortage of technical skills plaguing organizations in the aerospace, energy, engineering, and many other industries. But, there is another skills shortage that I want to call attention to: an HR skills shortage.

In its latest survey of Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs), Cornell University’s Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) found:

Tool: Quickly Set Your Technical Talent Priorities

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How prepared is your organization to attract, develop, and retain technically skilled workers?  APQC’s new Technical Talent Management Assessment* tool can help you answer this question.

 * Open to nonmembers for the month of July.

How Healthy Is Your Wellness Program?

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Take our new Employee Wellness Program Assessment. Then, find improvement ideas using APQC’s Employee Health and Wellness Resource Collection.

Nearly a year has passed since my last blog post on employee wellness programs. As June is National Employee Wellness Month* in the United States, I want to share some of the research that I have come across since my last post on this topic.

5 “Rules” For Recruiting Technical Talent

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Is your organization among the many that are struggling to fill technical jobs?

Big Differences Found in HR Shared Services Center Performance

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The difference between top and bottom performance levels for HR shared services organizations (HR SSOs) is significant. These are the findings of an HR SSO benchmarking study conducted by APQC and consulting company ScottMadden.

The survey of 20 HR SSOs revealed that compared to bottom performers, top performing HR SSOs:

Work Force Planning 4 Ways

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Talent shortages have many organizations revisiting their approaches to work force planning.

APQC’s Work Force Capabilities survey revealed that a majority of participating organizations are experiencing talent shortages [1] and that most of these organizations see work force planning as part of their answer to the talent shortage challenge [2].