Feeling Pressure to Get Predictive?

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Not long ago, I launched an APQC research study to examine how organizations were using big data in human capital management. I had read many articles on the topic. In the Workforce Management article “Big Data, Bigger Deal,” Michelle Rafter defines HR big data writing: “The term ‘HR big data’ gets tossed around to mean any number of things.

4 Ways to Train Away Your Talent Shortages

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In my last blog post, Recruiting Won’t Solve Your Talent Shortage, I wrote that training and development is often overlooked as a talent shortage solution. APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking in training and development provides a clue as to why. It shows that most organizations today deliver the bulk of training and development via classroom instruction. 

Recruiting Won't Solve Your Talent Shortage

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When your organization faces a skill shortage is recruiting the primary solution? If you answered yes, your organization may be approaching talent scarcity with one hand tied behind its back. 

8 Essential Truths About Engaging Employees

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The employee survey results—part of our first submission to The Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces list—were shocking. APQC was a good workplace, but not the great workplace that leaders and employees expected.

APQC made it a mission to move the needle on its employee engagement survey. Leaders wanted every employee to be able to look at that survey and say:

Building a Great Workplace in the IT Industry

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Thanks to technologic innovation, the IT industry is enjoying a boom in today’s business world. IT organizations are not only in the Fortune 500, several are considered to be among the 100 Best Companies to Work For. According to Great Place to Work® IT is one of six industries that consistently dominate the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list every year.  

It’s Rare for Employees at IT Great Workplaces to Have a Case of the Mondays

The Talent Crisis in Accounting & Finance

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Today, I interviewed my colleague Mary Driscoll, APQC’s financial management senior research fellow, to get her perspectives on the state of entry-level management accounting and finance talent. APQC and IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) recently completed a survey on this topic. Mary and I partnered on this research and I’ve been eager to get her take on the results.

Positive Stories About Working in Retail

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13 Retailers made the 2015 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list

Try Googling “working in retail.” You will not only find the top ranked search results are all negative, but also you will see that many of the remaining results contain words like crazy, worst, tough, hardship, problem, and demeaning. There is a lot of negative press about the experience of retail employees. There are even entire websites dedicated to documenting the daily challenges that retail employees face.

How Analytics Can Empower Your HR Strategy

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Lessons from SAS, One of the World’s Best Workplaces.

Top Workplaces in Healthcare: 4 Elements of a Successful Healthcare Employee Experience

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Confronting stressors: It’s just part of the job description for any healthcare worker in 2015. Each day this year, healthcare workers will be:

5 Elements of Focus that Leaders Can Bring to Support a Great Workplace

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It’s that time of year again! No, I am not talking about March Madness or spring break.

It’s almost time for the release of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list, produced by Great Place to Work® Institute. Each year, I look forward to this publication.