Apply Logistics Practices to Help Stop Hunger

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An increasing number of organizations are using logistics processes and practices to help carry out humanitarian efforts.

How Different is Procurement in Service and Manufacturing Organizations?

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In September APQC conducted a survey to provide a better understanding of how some proposed structural changes, specifically centered on the procurement and products and service delivery sections, to APQC's Process Classification Framework® (PCF) would affect its end users. This infographic looks at findings, specifically the differences between procurement in manufacturing and service organizations.

Enhancing Logistics Operations in Upstream Oil & Gas

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Corey Vickers, Logistics Category Manager at Chevron, previews his 2015 APQC Process Conference breakout session on the use of the LDSS solution. Chevron has been able to improve coordination and gain efficiencies resulting in tens of millions of dollars of reduced costs, and gain enterprise-wide buy-in from multiple stakeholder groups to standardize processes.

The 2015 APQC Process Conference is October 29-30.

3 Ways to Improve Manufacturing

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What is the key to improving an organization’s manufacturing activities? My colleague Andrea Stroud and I recently spoke on a webinar focused on the steps organizations can take to assess the current state of their manufacturing processes and identify areas for improvement.

Innovative Technologies Ensuring On-Time Delivery

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As I sat thinking about companies that have been making headlines for finding innovative ways to deliver orders on time, Amazon comes to mind. Many have heard the headlines about Amazon’s drone’s, its one-hour delivery service, and rapid expansion into transportation logistics. Next week at CSCMP’s 2015 Annual Conference  the session It’s Still Day 1 For Amazon fulfillment is taking place.

Role of Customer and Analytics in Creating the Perfect Order

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APQC recently held a webinar to discuss how companies reimage their order management processes to increase revenue, brand visibility, and customer satisfaction. Genpact’s Dipanjan Das and Rana Saha collectively responded to the follow-up questions from the webinar:

How do we improve the customer experience through the order management process?

Procurement Playing Field Has Changed. Are You Prepared?

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Today’s sourcing and procurement function has the ability to be so much more than just the buying arm of the enterprise, focused only on getting the lowest cost. Shifting the focus to what the business needs to accomplish its goals can enable procurement to take into account elements such as supplier quality and reliability. The procurement playing field today requires knowing when and how to apply collaborative relationships in which suppliers are motivated to drive transformation and innovation with purposeful investments designed to create value.

How Do Supply Chains Feel About Their 2015 Direction and Strategy?

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Winding country roadEarlier this year, APQC fielded a survey focused on current supply chain management priorities and trends. Our results highlighted the continuation of some trends from previous years and revealed some emerging practices. 

Using Analytics to Drive Process Improvement and Customer Loyalty

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I was recently able to speak with Dipanjan Das, Vice President of  Order to Cash Practice and Rana Saha, Transformation Leader at Genpact  about how organizations can use predictive analytics to re-design their order management process to match customer needs; resulting in increased revenue, brand visibility, and customer satisfaction.  

Dipanjan and Rana will be speaking on our free webinar on July 30 at 11:00 a.m. CDT:  Using Analytics to Re-envision Order-Management Processes for Improved Customer Loyalty

Supply Chain Priorities in the Near Future (Infographic)

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What will supply chain functions focus on in the next three years? As part of our recent survey on supply chain management trends, APQC asked organizations to indicate whether six elements would be a priority for them in the next three years. As the following infographic shows, more than half of the respondents will be engaging in benchmarking in the near future. This indicates a shift from their current focus on building customer relationships.