Something for Just About Everyone

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This month we’ve released several new content pieces related to supply chain management. We have something for just about everyone, whether you want a high-level look at supply chain processes, information on procurement practices, or best practices in reverse logistics.

Reverse Logistics Best Practices for Less

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At APQC we’re having our own version of a Black Friday sale on one of our most popular reports. Through November, nonmembers can purchase an electronic version of Reverse Logistics: Backward Practices That Matter at the discounted price of $99! (As always, APQC members can download a copy of the report for free).

Read All About It! Recently Published APQC Reports

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Here are some of the newest additions to APQC's bookshelf. All are free to APQC members and available for purchase by everyone else. 

Business Excellence: Using Process Frameworks and Reference Models to Get Real Work Done

Financial Management: Effectively Managing Risk Across the Enterprise

Give the People What They Want

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We’ve been getting a lot of feedback on the content in the Knowledge Base. So far the majority of the feedback has indicated that you are satisfied with our content. We’ve also gotten some requests for content on specific topics. Here are a few of these topics, along with content that may be just what you’re looking for.

U.S. Congress Passes Three FTAs

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On October 12, the U.S. Congress passed free trade agreements (FTAs) with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia. Originally negotiated five years ago, the agreements must be signed by President Obama before they go into effect.

What’s Going on with Supplier Relationship Management?

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Supplier relationship management (SRM) has received attention for its potential to improve supply chain effectiveness and dependability through greater collaboration with suppliers. Perhaps you’ve wondered: How many organizations have implemented SRM programs? How dependable are the supply chains for these organizations?

Majoring in SCM

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In my last blog post I outlined the essential skills for supply chain managers, as indicated by readers of the Focus Research Web site. That post focused more on skills rather than how supply chain professionals gain those skills.

What It Takes to Be a Supply Chain Manager

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What skills should every supply chain manager have? This question prompted a variety of answers from readers of the Q&A section of the Focus Research Web site.

Atypical Risks Take Center Stage

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Large companies that operate globally are now rethinking the way they manage significant risks, whether those risks are operational or financial in nature or whether they stem from weak strategic planning. They are not concerned so much about their well-honed processes for procuring and sourcing components, commodities, assembly, administrative services, etc. Rather, they worry about atypical risks that seem to be pooling into a critical mass.

Must Reads on Going Green

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It’s no secret that “going green” is a hot topic among consumers and organizations alike. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in where the products they purchase come from and how those products impact the environment. This can be seen in the rising popularity of, an open-source Web site that allows consumers and organizations to map the carbon footprint of products (and the materials that make up those products).