If You Aren't Knowledge Mapping, Say Hello to KM Failure

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Knowledge maps are powerful tools to inventory an organization’s critical knowledge and pinpoint areas that may be at risk. In many cases, thefigure of man on process map with ? above head simple act of creating a knowledge map reveals weak links and bottlenecks in the flow of knowledge.

Five Keys to Make the Process Equal the Customer Experience

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APQC recently talked to Matts Rehnstrom of Clean Stream about the five keys to making sure your processes make the customer experience better. Matts Rehnstrom is the Shaper of Business Excellence and has more than 25 years of experience with leadership and business development.  He will be leading a breakout out session at APQC’s 2016 Process Conference October  3-7.

Can ‘The Internet of Everything’ Transform BPM?

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APQC recently talked to Charlie Martin, Director in Cisco Advanced Services, about how process can leverage the ‘Internet of Everything’ to transform business process management.

Charlie will be leading the Unlocking Business Process Transformation: Leveraging the Internet of Everything breakout session at APQC’s 2016 Process Conference Oct. 3-7.

You can connect with Charlie on LinkedIn.

One Easy Tip to Be More Productive from Charles Duhigg

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Being the head of a productivity center, I am on a lifelong quest to increase my own productivity and happiness. I never seem to get enough done: my “to do” list is always bigger than my “TA DA – it’s done!” list.

5 Ways Knowledge Management Can Impact a Merger or Acquisition

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I must admit that I’m jumping on the band wagon of people reacting to and commenting on the merger of Microsoft and LinkedIn. I immediately thought about some work that APQC and one of our past Knowledge Management (KM) Advanced Working Groups did that was focused on the role of KM during a merger or acquisition.

That Machine is a Better Storyteller Than Me

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I am willing to bet that machines wrote some of the emails, spider crawls, and media alerts that come across your screen every day. A grizzled sports writer didn’t write the recap of the baseball game; most weather alerts and forecasts weren’t written by a meteorologist; financial analyses and stock market reports were not written by an intern or junior staffer.

Business Process Definitions Matter, So We Made Them Better

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Business Process Definitions – providing lots of additional value to framework creators and maintainers.

One of the most valued features of APQC’s Process Classification Framework® (PCF) is that it clearly defines business processes in a way that most people quickly understand. The simplicity of the PCF is precisely what enables its quick adoption and wide utility.

How Allison Transmission Did Enterprise Wide Process Transformation

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 Jeff Mooers, IT Manager Business Services at Allison Transmissions and Claire Wybrow, Business Architect at Allegient LLC, explain how the company launched an enterprise-wide transformation to unify and curate all official business processes and policies.

Learn more about APQC’s 2016 Process Conference is October 3-7.


It's an Analytics Block Party!

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How well do you know your neighbors? You may share a wall/fence with them, but do you even know their names?  Have you ever talked to them about anything more than the weather (or maybe that temperamental mail delivery guy)?