2012 Professional Services Outlook: Bonus Compensation, Measures, and Retention

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A few weeks ago I had a thought-provoking conversation with a managing partner at a middle-market consulting firm. He shared the following dilemma: “I’m supposed to be signing off on bonuses soon, and I don’t know if I should be generous to reward those that stuck with us through the downturn in hopes of deterring turnover or opt to be more conservative and reserve cash in case 2012 isn’t as rosy. Our firm leadership is split. Our backlog and sales reports are sending us mixed signals. What would you suggest?”

Metrics for Success: Mixing It Up with Measurement

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2011 was a wonderful year at APQC, particularly in process management. However, I must admit that after a year in which we released a major process management report, hosted a process management conference, and launched a study on building strong process management capabilities, even I am ready for a change of pace. Luckily, we are gearing up for a new study on one of my favorite topics: measurement.

Productivity Tips for the Holidays and the Rest of the Year

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Even people who don't celebrate a holiday in December feel the effects of largely empty office buildings, holiday parties, extra traffic, and ever-expanding end-of-year task lists. Productivity is part of APQC's name, and we still experience lags during December. It can be difficult to stay focused with plenty of distractions piling up outside the confines of work.

Embedding Knowledge Management in Business Processes and Workflows

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Over the past few years, APQC has noticed a trend in our knowledge management research. Namely, best-practice organizations build knowledge sharing and collaboration into the way employees already work, instead of having those activities be separate add-ons that people have to shift gears to participate in. When employees see KM as something that’s part of their daily routines, it becomes a lot easier to convince them to participate.

Sometimes It's Not the Thought that Counts

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Good intentions are fine when it comes to giving gifts to people you don't know very well, being late for dinner even though you left work early, or forgetting to buy milk even though you wrote it on your list, but they are not enough to make a business successful. Sure, I want to do business with organizations that have the best intentions at heart. But I also expect those organizations to take action on their intentions. If I don't see actions and results, forget about keeping my support or my business.

APQC Recognized as a Global MAKE Award Winner

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The news was just released today that APQC has been named a 2011 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award Winner. This is the second time we’ve been recognized as a Global Winner and the seventh time we’ve been acknowledged in the North American category. We are thrilled and humbled to be included on this list of amazing organizations, which includes many of our members, customers, and featured best-practice firms.

Out of Your Bubble, Process Nerds

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Whew! APQC's 2011 process conference was a huge success. We hosted some fantastic presenters who shared information that people could actually go home and use. You can view the presentations in our 2011 Process Management Conference Presentations and Slides collection. Great stuff in there.

Who Knew a Process Management Conference Could Be So Fun?

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It's great to be at APQC in Houston right now! Those of you who aren't here… well… you're missing out. First of all, Houston weather is perfect this time of year. When the rest of North America starts shivering, we venture outside to enjoy temperate perfection. And if it happens to rain, no problem. This week, we're inside the Houstonian Hotel, learning about process management from thought leaders and experts.

Performance and Maturity: Are You Measuring What You’re Trying to Manage?

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Anyone who has spent any time in entry-level business classes knows the adage, “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” It’s a pretty wise adage, and from a very systematic perspective, it’s right. Without knowledge of process performance, attempting to change is akin to rearranging furniture in the dark. Sure, you can move things about, but when the lights come on and people start walking thru the room will the changes be valuable or just a mixed up mess?

Tools and Technology: They Sure Help Make the World Go Around

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Think of the gamut of process management capabilities required to get real work done. Now imagine if you only had paper and pen, filing cabinets, the postal service (for normal communications) or a very expensive overnight delivery service for items needing rapid attention. More time would be spent filing, collating, spindling, or otherwise shuffling documents as they travel physically around your organization and potentially around the world. Imagine how long it would take to effect change!