4 Symptoms You have Organizational Silos

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Organizational silos are a pervasive challenge for most organizations and 73% of organizations feel that breaking down silos is vital to their success.

Turn and Face the Change: Best Practices for Improving Your Change Management

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Inevitably when I work on change management research, David Bowie’s “Changes” runs through my head.

“Still don't know what I was waitin' for
And my time was runnin' wild
A million dead end streets and
Every time I thought I'd got it made
It seemed the taste was not so sweet”

But what do song lyrics from 1971 have to do with business today?

Why Process Frameworks are like Genies in a Bottle

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Process frameworks allow organizations to group their business processes into systematized categories and a common language so that they can benchmark and ultimately improve the work that is performed. This sounds kind of magical, eh? Who would say no to improving the quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness of work? But, getting your wishes from a process framework is easier said than done. Process frameworks can work like magic, but you’ll have to get the genie out of the bottle first.

How Do Your Digital Transformations Measure Up?

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Last month we discussed digital transformation and where so many organizations go wrong. Mainly the misunderstanding of what it means to be “transformational” and the need to connect your digital efforts to an overarching strategy.

Advance Your Process Improvements with Simulation Technology

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I recently spoke with Luis Lopez, manager of process improvement at the Port of Vancouver, to discuss the role that simulation technology has in process improvement, advice on piloting simulation software, and a few lessons learned from his hands-on experience with simulation technology.

What role can simulation technology play in process improvement work?

PCF® Office Hours Recap: You Asked, We Answered

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We are constantly re-evaluating things here at APQC, always trying to find the best way to serve our members. We recently created APQC’s Process Classification Framework (PCF)® Office Hours and with two sessions under our belt, we took some time to think about ways to engage even more people. These office hours are exposing some great questions and leading to discussions that you all really seem to value. Everyone is learning and growing.

Digital Transformation Doesn’t Work Without a Strategy

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Digital transformation is a high priority for many organizations—everyone is talking about it and organizations want to ensure it’s a strategic priority. Approximately three-quarters of process and performance management professionals report their organizations are undergoing a digital transformation.

Great End-to-End Processes Start with Collaboration

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I recently spoke with Diego Alvarado, process optimization manager at CMI, to discuss buy-in, engagement tactics, success factors, and some lessons learned from his experience with end-to-end process improvement initiatives.

Why should organizations be interested in establishing end-to-end processes?

Optimizing Process Improvements Through Personas

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There is an influx of technologies to help us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes. However, whether we are working on automating process or improving the effectiveness of a manual process the end-results all have one thing in common—improving the lives of the people involved. Both the process worker and ultimate end-user of the process.

2019 Process Management Improvements Start With Better Data, Change, and Culture

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It’s the time of year again where we take stock of the trends and challenges impacting process and performance professionals in 2019. In other words what trends and topics are important to you? And even more importantly, what’s impeding the effectiveness of your work?

Queue drumroll.