How Different is Procurement in Service and Manufacturing Organizations?

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In September APQC conducted a survey to provide a better understanding of how some proposed structural changes, specifically centered on the procurement and products and service delivery sections, to APQC's Process Classification Framework® (PCF) would affect its end users. This infographic looks at findings, specifically the differences between procurement in manufacturing and service organizations.

Enhancing Logistics Operations in Upstream Oil & Gas

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Corey Vickers, Logistics Category Manager at Chevron, previews his 2015 APQC Process Conference breakout session on the use of the LDSS solution. Chevron has been able to improve coordination and gain efficiencies resulting in tens of millions of dollars of reduced costs, and gain enterprise-wide buy-in from multiple stakeholder groups to standardize processes.

The 2015 APQC Process Conference is October 29-30.

Creating a Culture Shift Through Knowledge and Process Management

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When a large organization rapidly grows through acquisition, it acquires more than a new book of business. It also acquires the many processes each newly acquired company has been using to do its work. Very often, these processes are different from the way the parent company has always done things, leading to inconsistencies, inefficiency, and confusion. Standardizing processes across a growing organization is a tough challenge, but when accomplished with the right framework and approach, the benefits can be tremendous.

How Process Management can Reduce M&A Risk

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‘What could possible go wrong’ when you ignore process tenets? Everything. 

The world’s worst kept business secret is that most acquisitions fail.

Want Change Management That Works? Have a Clear Simple Message

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I know I am not Steve Jobs. But I am a pretty good version of myself. According to Nick Tasler, change management consultant and keynote speaker at APQC's upcoming 2015 Process Conference, that might be ok.

Knowledge Transfer Is a Process, Not An Event

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Below is a video made by Carrie Tracy, senior knowledge manager at RelayHealth (McKesson Corporation), previewing her breakout session at the 2015 APQC Process Conference October 29-30. In this great cartoon, she gives a sneak peak of her session, including the concerted process design that has enabled RelayHealth to optimize internal knowledge transfer so that learners retain the correct level of information while instructors understand the audience and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Keys to Integrating Lean and Financial Planning Analytics For Process Improvement

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What are the challenges in integrating Lean and financial planning analytics to achieve breakthrough process improvements? Brian Higgins, Principal at Management Resource Technologies talked to APQC about that and how Management Resource Technologies created over create over $30 million in financial improvements.

To Make Change Management Work, Clean out your Organization's Closets (aka priorities)

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Have you noticed how hard it is to get rid of things even though you never use them? Think about the last time you cleaned out your closet or garage. Are you still holding on to an out of style sweater or a bicycle you never seem to get around to riding?

Psychologists call this common human weakness “the endowment effect” because we endow things we already own with more value than we would otherwise. It makes it very hard to let go of something probably not serving you anymore.

The Road To Benchmarking Success Starts With Asking the Right Questions

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What is the key to creating and maintaining a quality benchmarking methodology?

APQC recently talked to Kathryn Kendall and James Moore of MSS Management Consulting about best practices for quality benchmarking. Among the topics discussed were mistakes people make, engaging senior staff, and identifying right KPIs.  

Kathryn and James will present “On the Road to Quality with Benchmarking Best Practices” a breakout session at APQC’s 2015 Process Conference on October 29-30.

Better Benchmarking Through The Process Classification Framework

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Over the years thousands of people around the world have downloaded APQC's Process Classification Framework® (PCF) . Most of them have a clear problem they're trying to solve, while others are just curious or are doing research. One thing we have clearly understood over time is generally what people are doing with the PCF once they download it.