Role of Customer and Analytics in Creating the Perfect Order

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APQC recently held a webinar to discuss how companies reimage their order management processes to increase revenue, brand visibility, and customer satisfaction. Genpact’s Dipanjan Das and Rana Saha collectively responded to the follow-up questions from the webinar:

How do we improve the customer experience through the order management process?

How NASA’s Chief Knowledge Officer Drives Change

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 As part of my quest to understand how people become experts more quickly in complex scientific and technical disciplines, I interviewed Edward J. Hoffman, chief knowledge officer (CKO) at NASA. Ed ought to know: he founded the NASA Academy of Program/Project and Engineering Leadership and was its director for 20 years before his current CKO gig.

A Better Way to Implement Business Software Solutions: Aligning Process, Information, and Technology

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I was recently able to speak with Tim Allen, vice president at Project Consulting Group (PCG) about the common pitfalls of implementing ERP, CRM, and BI systems.  Often these implementations are driven by rapid execution strategies designed to save time and money, with little or no consideration for the correct alignment of the technology with the company’s mission critical process. In many cases, the company is not able to garner true ROI from the software investment and employees actually end up using only a small portion of the software functionality.

What Building IKEA Furniture Can Teach You About Process Improvement

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The first time you try to put together IKEA furniture, it seems simple enough. You have all the parts; the instructions appear well documented and sequential. But more often than not, 20 minutes in you realize you’ve got trouble: boards are upside down, the unfinished edge is showing on one side, and the Allen wrench is causing calluses.

Using Analytics to Drive Process Improvement and Customer Loyalty

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I was recently able to speak with Dipanjan Das, Vice President of  Order to Cash Practice and Rana Saha, Transformation Leader at Genpact  about how organizations can use predictive analytics to re-design their order management process to match customer needs; resulting in increased revenue, brand visibility, and customer satisfaction.  

Dipanjan and Rana will be speaking on our free webinar on July 30 at 11:00 a.m. CDT:  Using Analytics to Re-envision Order-Management Processes for Improved Customer Loyalty

Why Taking Process Improvement Shortcuts Gets You Lost

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“I'm supposed to be the guy that shows you how to most efficiently get from Point A to Point B. But put me behind the wheel of a car and I tend to take the scenic route.”I have a secret:I’ve got the worst sense of direction of anyone I've ever known.

What are the Top Challenges for Organizational Performance Management?

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As we started to prepare for 2015, APQC surveyed over 300 business excellence practitioners to understand their common challenges and priorities for upcoming year, including organizational performance management. What we found was that most organizations continue to struggle with establishing a performance culture and ensuring they are using the “right” set of measures. This infographic explores the top challenges in performance management and provides some simple tips for addressing them.


The Advantages of Value-Based Process Segmentation

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I recently able to speak with Mathias Kirchner, Managing Director and Co-CEO at BPM-D  Inc., about how organizations can differentiate between which processes provide a competitive advantage and have a high impact on strategic value drivers and commodity processed which are more routine in nature.  

 Mathias will be speaking on our free webinar on June 17 at 11:00 a.m. CDT:  Targeting Value in a Digital World.

Are You Ready to Fix Your Process?

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Thus far in our blog series we’ve traveled two-thirds of the way through the process improvement cycle:

Making Sure Process Management Supports Project Execution

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Maria Sol Silva, Management Director at Oi S A, explains how Oi S A used small centralized teams to help project execution and what are the key to developing a culture in which employees believe in and use Six Sigma and BPM.

For more information on process management and process improvement check out: