APQC Knowledge Management Resources for Non-Members (and Members Too!)

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People often ask me: “My organization isn’t an APQC member, but I want to learn more about knowledge management and take advantage of APQC’s resources. How can I do that?” First off, if you’re new to knowledge management, I highly recommend checking out Knowledge Management Overviews, our complimentary collection of summary articles.

Embedding Knowledge Management in Business Processes and Workflows

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Over the past few years, APQC has noticed a trend in our knowledge management research. Namely, best-practice organizations build knowledge sharing and collaboration into the way employees already work, instead of having those activities be separate add-ons that people have to shift gears to participate in. When employees see KM as something that’s part of their daily routines, it becomes a lot easier to convince them to participate.

APQC Recognized as a Global MAKE Award Winner

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The news was just released today that APQC has been named a 2011 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award Winner. This is the second time we’ve been recognized as a Global Winner and the seventh time we’ve been acknowledged in the North American category. We are thrilled and humbled to be included on this list of amazing organizations, which includes many of our members, customers, and featured best-practice firms.

Read All About It! Recently Published APQC Reports

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Here are some of the newest additions to APQC's bookshelf. All are free to APQC members and available for purchase by everyone else. 

Business Excellence: Using Process Frameworks and Reference Models to Get Real Work Done

Financial Management: Effectively Managing Risk Across the Enterprise

Want to Move Up in Your Career? Better Start Sharing Knowledge

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Last month, APQC published its newest KM report, Engagement and Participation for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration. In the report, our research team outlines 17 best practices for engaging employees in KM and encouraging them to embrace KM tools and approaches. For me, the most fascinating finding in the report is the extent to which the best-practice organizations link KM participation to career progression.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Communities

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When we surveyed our members about our Knowledge Base this summer, almost 10 percent of you said you wanted more content on communities of practice. I’m always publishing fresh content on communities and other knowledge sharing approaches, and I promise that APQC’s 2012 publishing plans will take your interests into account. However, I want to make sure you are aware of the reports, articles, and case studies we currently have available on this topic.

Knowledge Flow in the Wake of a Merger or Acquisition

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More and more companies are undergoing mergers and acquisitions to increase their market share and stay competitive. But M&As that look great in the boardroom can create serious challenges for line managers and rank-and-file employees. When two organizations unite, hierarchies and cultures must be combined, processes must be redefined, and a large number of employees must be re-onboarded and connected. And all this needs to get done quickly so that the integrated organization can start accruing the benefits that the merger or acquisition was designed to achieve.

Tell Your Story at APQC’s Next KM Conference

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We still have three months left in 2011, but APQC is already hard at work planning our 2012 knowledge management conference, which will take place April 26 and 27 in Houston. To help us put together the best possible event, please consider submitting an abstract to be considered as a presenter!

Three Ways to Cultivate a Knowledge-Sharing Culture

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Most of you have probably seen the first excerpt we published from Carla O’Dell and Cindy Hubert’s new book The New Edge in Knowledge: How Knowledge Management Is Changing the Way We Do Business. Now, we’ve added another sneak peak from the book to APQC’s Knowledge Base—and this one is only available to APQC members.

Choosing KM Software

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Over the past few weeks, several of our members have asked me whether APQC has any articles on selecting software to support KM approaches. In general, APQC aims to be vendor-neutral, and we don’t promote specific software solutions. However, we do have some articles on what to keep in mind when building or buying applications to enable knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Here are some general articles about selecting tools for KM: