Does Your Organization Have Best Practices for Rapid Product Development?

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APQC is conducting a best practices study in the fall on rapid product and service development. We are currently looking for best-practice organizations to learn from and showcase in this study. Does your organization have best practices and processes for getting products and services to market faster?

How Cisco Uses Meaningful Incentives and Crowdsourcing to Jumpstart Innovation

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APQC recently spoke to Jennifer Cheung, director of knowledge management at Cisco, about how her organization improved its KM program through innovation and crowdsourcing. Cheung will deliver a presentation titled “Harnessing the Collective IQ and Fostering Innovation” at APQC’s 2014 Knowledge Management Conference April 10-11 in Houston, Texas.

Infographic: 2014 Product Development and Innovation Top 4 Priorities

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Organizations are constantly looking for ways to make their product and service development efforts more efficient so they can get to market faster. In some industries, the rapid pace of technology development makes the pressure to stay ahead of the competition even greater.

Game-Changing Innovation at Caterpillar

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On Wednesday, December 4, APQC and the Edison Awards will be hosting a Webinar presentation by Caterpillar Inc. on the development of an innovative product. Randy Peterson, advanced technology development manager for Caterpillar, will be discussing how the organization developed the game-changing 336E H hybrid excavator.

How Cisco's Barbarians Program Uses Crowdsourcing to Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Last week, Jennifer Cheung, director of knowledge management at Cisco, presented on an APQC webinar. She discussed how Cisco utilized crowdsourcing to harness the collective IQ, identify experts, and increase its competitive intensity. 

Open Innovation: Findings from APQC’s Best Practices Study

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This Tuesday, September 17, APQC and the Project Management Institute (PMI) will be hosting a Webinar on the findings from the recent best practices study Open Innovation: Enhancing Idea Generation Through Collaboration.

Successful Open Innovation Strategies and Leadership Engagement

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Enthusiastic and engaged senior leaders can play a vital role in enabling a successful open innovation strategy. This is one of the key enablers for open innovation identified in APQC’s recent Best-Practices Report Open Innovation: Enhancing Idea Generation Through Collaboration. Nearly all of the best-practice organizations featured in the report have senior managers that take an active sponsorship role for the open innovation initiative.

How Cisco Systems and General Mills use Open Innovation

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APQC conducted both in-person and virtual site visits in March and early April for the Best Practices Study, Open Innovation: Enhancing Idea Generation Through Collaboration.

Site visits have taken place for the following five best-practice organizations:

Cisco, Corning, BT Among Companies to Be Studied

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APQC’s Best Practices Study, Open Innovation: Enhancing Idea Generation Through Collaboration, is rolling along, and we’re excited about this research. In late January our participating organizations selected the best-practice partners that we will study, and site visits will start this month.