How the Internet of Things and Big Data Impact the Supply Chain

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Big data and Internet of Things (IoT) are changing how organizations are operating their supply chains. Organizations are learning new ways to collect, share, and use data to understand their customers and make better strategic business decisions.

So “Algorithm” Is NOT a Musical Term? The New Vocabulary of Analytics

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What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the phrase “data and analytics”? For me, it’s numbers. Numbers being crunched, twisted, and spit out by a large mainframe computer in a heavily air-conditioned room.

What did you think about?

How to Make Running Your Business Look Easy: Analytics at Netflix

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I confess that I have a burning passion for movies.  I constantly seek out new movies to watch and I am always at least somewhat (and often very) distracted if a movie happens to be playing wherever I am.  My girlfriend knows this and, quite kindly, acts as a second set of eyes out there for me, helping me make sure that I don’t miss out on any great films.

How FMC Created an Innovative Environment

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Tamara Viles and Kim Glover of FMC Technologies Inc. give a preview of their 2015 APQC Process Conference break out session on supporting innovation and collaboration for process improvement.

5 Innovations Leaders Believe Are on the Way

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A majority of business decision makers want their organizations to do more to embrace modern technologies and new channels of customer engagement and digital experience. That’s one of the key findings presented by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network in its report Accelerating Business Transformation Through IT Innovation: Getting the Business Leader Take on the IT Change Mandate.

Innovation in the Financial Services Industry

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APQC recently spoke with Mick Simonelli, innovation consultant and former senior executive who built USAA's Innovation Program, and Mike Fitzgerald, innovation leader and senior analyst with Celent, about innovation trends for banks, insurers, and securities firms. They also outlined how these organizations can improve innovation capability.

How Disruptive Entrepreneurship Drives Business Transformation

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Business Performance Innovation Network (BPI) in partnership with Tech Mahindra produced a research report based on an online survey of more than 250 enterprise business leaders and innovators across North America, Europe, and Asia. APQC recently interviewed Dave Murray, director of thought leadership at BPI, and Lakshmanan Chidambaram, senior vice president of North American operations at Tech Mahindra.

Who is Driving Data Centers' Move To the Cloud?

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Transform to Better Perform is a new global thought leadership initiative developed by the Business Performance Innovation Network (BPI) in partnership with Dimension Data.

3 Key Areas in Health Care Supply Chain Management

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In an earlier blog post, Scott Alexander, vice president of innovation at ROi (Resource Optimization & Innovation), described how ROi used innovation to re-imagine the supply chain and develop solutions to drive greater efficiencies, reduce costs, and produce sustainable change.

Making Supply Chain Innovation Align with Company Objectives

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APQC recently interviewed Scott Alexander, vice president of innovation at ROi (Resource Optimization & Innovation). ROi is a provider-owned integrated supply chain organization serving both its founder, Mercy Health System, an integrated delivery network of 46 acute and specialty hospitals across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, and health care organizations throughout the U.S. who share a passion for supply chain excellence.