How Ericsson Achieves HR Efficiency on a Global Scale

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Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson AB has been on a journey to deliver HR services, to its nearly 100,000 employees worldwide, with increasing levels of efficiency and quality. Recently, I interviewed Ericsson’s Carlos Ballester via email to learn about Ericsson’s transition from a regional to a global HR services delivery model. Ballester, who is head of Ericsson’s global center of excellence for time, payroll, and benefits and head of its HR shared services center in Madrid, also described the benefits and challenges that have come with this change.

What Potential Leaders Need to Succeed

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So we have now discussed how we know the organization and the individual, we have given them what they need to succeed and now we are going to put it in gear!

Engagement Must Be More Than a “Flavor of the Week”

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The percentage of U.S. workers quitting has soared to a high not seen since 2001, reported The Economist just last week. With low unemployment and a surplus of job openings, employers need to strike a balance: They must find ways to get the most from their existing workers, while also providing a positive work experience that employees will be reluctant to leave. In short, employers need proven practices for engaging employees.

How Bad Motivations Can Erode Leadership

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We discuss in my last blog how to understand the organization and know what is and is not accepted. With that information in mind, you can focus on the individual. Helping them understand themselves is key to enabling them be the best they can be by individualizing their development.

Step 2: Know Them

Leadership Capabilities: How Do You Choose the Right Person to Lead?

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Making sure that you have the right leaders in place is no easy or small feat. The essence of leadership is knowing the direction you desire to travel and having the ability to influence the head, hands, and heart of others to follow you there. Of these three, the heart is clearly the most important because it’s here that emotion, passion, and discretionary effort abide. It is the heart that promotes greatness.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Turnover

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Tight Labor Market Signals It’s Time to Step Up Retention Efforts

Much attention is being paid to the possibility that automation will spur joblessness. This makes it easy to lose sight of the fact that there are too few workers to fill job openings today.

Diversity Lessons from Men in Tech

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Much press attention has been given to the experiences of women working in technology companies. Patricia Salgado Ph.D., a fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara California, has uniquely focused on the men working in the tech industry, conducting research into their experiences of gender diversity.

Why It's Time to Digitalize Global Rewards

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Digitalizing HR is a hot topic promising many benefits for employers and employees. In a recent email interview, Stuart Smith of Conduent, explained to me why there’s so much excitement around digitizing rewards. 

Why Digital HR is a Big Deal for All

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On a recent APQC webinar, Georg Lange described his experience digitalizing the HR function at global agribusiness Syngenta. I asked Georg to answer some basic questions on this emerging topic. Following are his answers about why HR digitalization matters to all. 

How to Get People to REALLY Share Knowledge in Groups

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One of the biggest problems in organizations is that people are afraid to speak up. This fear leads to bad decisions, bad feelings, lost opportunities, and disengaged employees. It’s an epidemic. It is especially poignant for those of us who are so passionately committed to knowledge sharing.

How can we help people feel safe to share opinions and information?