4 Building Blocks for Talent Acquisition Transformation

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Following is a guest post from Melissa Thompson, VP Talent Acquisition at McGraw-Hill. Thompson’s work at McGraw-Hill illustrates how to set the foundation for a successful transformation by focusing not just on technology, but also on people and processes. Learn more during APQC’s May 16, 2019 HCM webinar in which Thompson presents: How McGraw-Hill Is Transforming Talent Acquisition. Register today.

The Employee Experience—Is There Value Behind the Buzz?

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A new marvel is sweeping across organizations, promising to positively transform work. It’s called the employee experience and its one of the most talked about developments in human capital management circles today. But, behind this talk, lies a lot of confusion.

What exactly is the employee experience and how can organizations get in on the benefits it promises?  

Cool Ways to Acquire Top Talent

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Talent acquisition is an executive concern as a scarcity of qualified job candidates threatens to limit productivity and innovation. As a result, organizations are going to great lengths to secure top talent:

Is Career Development Still Relevant?

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This is the question we were asking as APQC embarked on its most recent training and development research study. We wondered: Has the prevalence of job hopping, layoffs, and flat organizations lessened the value of career development in the eyes of employers and employees?  

7 Recruiting Resolutions for 2019

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It’s a competitive time for hiring. Employer demand for workers has surpassed the supply of active job seekers. Achieving the 2019 business objectives that your organization has worked so hard to set will require stand-out recruiting practices. Following are seven recruiting resolutions for ensuring your organization has the talent needed for a successful new year.

Tips for Talking About Performance

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When you sit down for your annual performance discussion, will the conversation focus on reviewing 2018 or planning for a better 2019?

Top 10 Ways to Onboard New Hires

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What do you recall about your first day on the job? 

Our first days in a new job are some of our most memorable work experiences. And too often they do not make for positive memories. The typical onboarding process can leave new hires overwhelmed. New hires are inundated with forms, information, and new faces. Yet, at the same time, they may find themselves bored, without a computer, or even a lunch mate.  

KM Fills a Gap in AI Projects

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I, along with my colleague Lauren Trees, recently interviewed 21 organizations applying artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) internally and found that the organizations that had made the most progress, had the most experimentation, and were having the most successful AI pilots were creating alliances across the organization to do it.  APQC metrics research offers further support that close alliances are key to successful and sustainable KM programs. 

Future Proofing Your KM Program

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There is an AI/automation arms race underway between the big players—IBM, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Facebook – and knowledge management is the beneficiary.  Turns out, KM tasks such as content management, tagging, search, and expertise location are good targets for AI and might really augment the KM team.

5 Common Hiring Mistakes and Tips for How to Avoid Them

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With talent demand high and supply low, your organization can’t afford to make hiring mistakes. A quick Google search pulls up a bounty of articles on hiring mistakes and how to avoid them. In this blog, I am sharing five common hiring mistakes and tips for avoiding them—all based on APQC benchmarking and best practices research that you can trust.