Looking at the intersection of supply chain and risk

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APQC is studying enterprise risk management (you can check out our newest report on this topic), and so is our member IBM. Now we want to know how organizations align operations and finance to monitor, mitigate, and monetize risk. We invite you to participate in IBM’s global survey on Enterprise Risk Management to share your viewpoints on your organization’s challenges, strategies, and initiatives.

How to Budget Faster and Plan Better

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Don't sweat your financial reporting, budgeting, and planning processes this year. APQC has just released two insightful white papers Fast Delivery of Complex Financial Reports –How Leading CFOs Do IT and How Corporate Financial Analysts are Dealing with Uneven Growth.

Managing Enterprise Risk: Maturity Matters

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Effectively Managing Risk Across the Enterprise is a new and ground-breaking report from APQC on enterprise risk management (ERM). The pioneers featured have crafted mature ERM programs that not only protect them from major negative events, whether strategic, operational, or financial, but also help them to stretch their wings in pursuit of ambitious aims.

True Grit: More Than a Movie

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APQC research shows that a growing number of financial executives have resolved that traditional approaches for managing business performance are no longer adequate.

As large organizations struggle to plan and execute growth strategy in an economic recovery that is hard to read, many are embracing a paradigm shift which, although not new conceptually, now stands a very good chance of changing the way businesses control and deploy resources.

Shared Services Do It Better

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Shared services centers are thriving. Organizations are now brainstorming to discover other departments and services can fit into the shared services center framework. And why? Existing shared services centers are more efficient, more productive, and cost less.

What's the Fuss About AP Automation?

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APQC’s Understanding the Total Cost of Payables finds that managers are now looking beyond the labor costs, and finding the true power of AP automation. Accounts payable automation isn’t just about eliminating the paper and manual entry. It’s about cutting the indirect spending, and increasing the profitability of the organization.

Budgets are Like Sharks

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Budgets are like sharks. Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water… But APQC has found that the budgeting doesn’t need to be a tedious process. In fact, APQC research found that there are actually opportunities to streamline the budget process. And there are organizations that can complete the annual budget successfully with fewer employees and in less time.

How to Streamline the Budget Process