Great Leadership Quotes on Transforming FP&A and Performance Management

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As part of our mission as a nonprofit to find and disseminate best practices information, one of the most fascinating parts of my job as the principal research lead for financial management at APQC is all of the amazing thought leaders that I get to speak with and interview.

The State of Emerging Tools and Technologies in Finance

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Digital transformation is top of mind these days for not just finance, but across the enterprise. In fact, three-quarters of those responding to a recent APQC process and priorities survey said that they were undergoing a digital transformation in 2019, with the top justifications being to increase organizational efficiency, improve the customer experience, and enable better data management.

Moving to The Next Level of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

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The finance function (and the role of the CFO) is increasing in scope and complexity, moving out of the more traditional role of “scorekeeper” into the role of a trusted advisor in business decision making, and FP&A is an integral part of this transition.

6 Ways Top-Performing Finance Shared Services Organizations Thrive

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APQC partnered with management consulting firm ScottMadden (and ScottMadden subject matter experts Brad DeMent and Trey Robinson) on our latest cycle of the finance shared services centers (SSCs) benchmarking study evaluating key performance indicators and practices (delivery model, scope of services, staffing, performance, and technologies leveraged) of finance SSCs. The survey population was robust and diverse, with 468 organizations participating from across industries, geographies, and organization sizes.

Robust Change Management in Finance Takes More Than Wanting to Change

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The finance function continues to evolve and improve in response to the availability of new tools and technologies like RPA and AI, and corresponding changes in roles and responsibilities. APQC has spoken with numerous organizations of late in the process of investigating or implementing digital technologies, for example. While most employees desire to continuously learn and improve their processes, change due to the adoption of new tools and technologies (or due to any other kind of reason, like a change in organization structure) can involve a lot of uncertainty and sometimes fear.

What are the Biggest Priorities and Challenges for Financial Management in 2019?

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In December of 2018, APQC conducted its annual survey to understand the common challenges and priorities of financial practitioners’ agendas for the year to come.

A Look Ahead to APQC’s 2019 Financial Management Research

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Each year APQC strives to offer our members and customers actionable research across the breadth of transactional and strategic processes to help them optimize and improve their finance process performance. My colleague Lochlyn Morgan recently blogged to provide a recap of our 2018 research efforts.

Don’t Let Your Financial Management Mirror the Stock Market in 2019

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As we prepare for and welcome the new year, we should reflect on what we’ve learned so that we benefit from our past indiscretions and don’t let bad habits slither back. With 2018 at a close, and the stock market becoming increasingly volatile, many are left unsure of what 2019 could bring.

The Top Characteristics of Best-in-Class Finance Functions

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Top finance functions are embarking on substantive changes to their processes and their organizational role. APQC conducted a case study research project throughout 2018 seeking best practices from organizations transforming their finance and accounting functions, and found some common themes shared among the organizations that we studied. Organizations on the journey to building a best-in-class finance function exhibited the following characteristics:

1) Align finance with business and organizational strategy.

Why Try to Improve What You Can Eliminate in Finance?

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APQC is engaged in current and ongoing research on planning, budgeting, and forecasting through our Open Standards Benchmarking Survey on Planning and Management Accounting.