Why Process Frameworks are like Genies in a Bottle

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Process frameworks allow organizations to group their business processes into systematized categories and a common language so that they can benchmark and ultimately improve the work that is performed. This sounds kind of magical, eh? Who would say no to improving the quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness of work? But, getting your wishes from a process framework is easier said than done. Process frameworks can work like magic, but you’ll have to get the genie out of the bottle first.

Advance Your Process Improvements with Simulation Technology

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I recently spoke with Luis Lopez, manager of process improvement at the Port of Vancouver, to discuss the role that simulation technology has in process improvement, advice on piloting simulation software, and a few lessons learned from his hands-on experience with simulation technology.

What role can simulation technology play in process improvement work?

Great End-to-End Processes Start with Collaboration

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I recently spoke with Diego Alvarado, process optimization manager at CMI, to discuss buy-in, engagement tactics, success factors, and some lessons learned from his experience with end-to-end process improvement initiatives.

Why should organizations be interested in establishing end-to-end processes?

Don’t Let Your Financial Management Mirror the Stock Market in 2019

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As we prepare for and welcome the new year, we should reflect on what we’ve learned so that we benefit from our past indiscretions and don’t let bad habits slither back. With 2018 at a close, and the stock market becoming increasingly volatile, many are left unsure of what 2019 could bring.

4 Reasons Not to Fear Robotic Process Automation

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Robotic process automation (RPA) has quickly become inevitable. In March of 2018, APQC interviewed Tilak Banerjee, a director at Dell-EMC, on RPA: “When we started in 2015, RPA was more or less a new concept in the shared services industry,” said Banerjee.