APQC Announces Best Practices to Sustain and Enhance Communities of Practices

ConocoPhillips, Fluor Corp., and Schlumberger Awarded for Best Practice Performance

(Houston, TX – April 26, 2010) - A best practices report, Sustaining Effective Communities of Practice, released today by APQC details how organizations sustain Communities of Practice* (CoPs) by weaving them into the fabric of their cultures; creating value for the organizations and their employees; and assessing the health and impact of their communities. The executive summary and findings may be downloaded at www.apqc.org/sustain-cop.

The study names ConocoPhilips, Fluor Corp., and Schlumberger as best practice organizations that use innovative approaches to sustain thriving, impactful CoPs. 

“As organizations’ knowledge management efforts continue to mature, so do their communities of practice. To be successful and sustainable, we found our best practice partners’ CoPs were part of an enterprise-wide approach and built on existing networks. The importance of providing business value and linking the CoP to business objectives was also critical in each organization’s strategy,” said APQC Program Manager Darcy Lemons.

Overall APQC identified 18 best practices that contribute to an organization’s CoP success, including:

  1. Align communities with business needs
  2. Connect people to people
  3. Define a community leader’s role and responsibilities
  4. Provide training for community leaders
  5. Promote awareness and communicate value
  6. Support and sustain member engagement throughout the community’s life cycle
  7. Ensurethat measures align with business processes

Access the full report and case studies for best practices in sustaining CoPs.

*APQC defines “Communities of Practice” as groups of people who come together to share and learn from one another face-to-face and virtually, and who have a common interest in a body of knowledge.

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