Best-Practice Executive Briefings

Bring the latest and most relevant best practices and learnings from APQC experts directly to your team.

From metrics-driven custom benchmarking analyses to collaborative research designed to identify best-in-class measures, APQC enables smart organizations to go beyond benchmarking and create a road map for results. 

We distill the most important best-practice research, case studies, and field experience from our more than 30 years of understanding process improvement and the transfer of best practices. We then share this knowledge so you can understand how leading organizations are solving business problems. You and your team tap the knowledge of our experts and leave with actionable information to set the stage for improvement better, faster, and cheaper.

APQC will help you dig deeper and make proven practices a reality within the culture and structure of your organization. Using the most recent data and best practices discovered through our research and work with hundreds of organizations around the globe, APQC will help your team understand the drivers and practices behind leading performance and create a tangible action plan for implementation. Our Best-Practice Executive Briefings are customized to your needs and designed to address your most pressing challenges based on documented best practices. Based on your choice of best-practice focus area, we build a comprehensive workshop and present to your key leaders on-site in an interactive, collaborative format.

Sample topic areas include the following:

  • Shared Services
  • Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy
  • Implementing Communities of Practice
  • Improving Working Capital
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Managing Knowledge Within an Aging Work Force
  • Human Capital Management
  • Inspiring Innovation Across the Enterprise
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Reducing Inventory While Improving Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is to transfer the most useful and relevant knowledge to your team members so that they can begin thinking about—and implementing—the methods that best-in-class companies use to fuel performance.

Contact us to learn more about bringing best-practice knowledge directly to your organization.