Rapid Performance AssessmentSM

Organizations struggle under the weight of decisions made with imprecise, incomplete, or inaccurate information. Using benchmarking data to help make decisions is a time-proven management technique to reduce the stress and indecision associated with decision making.

APQC’s Rapid Performance AssessmentsSM help you quickly identify your best practices and improvement opportunities.

Rapid Performance Assessments are:

  1. Short– typically only 10-20 questions in length,

  2. Easy– data can be readily collected from operational systems or from a minimal number of individuals,

  3. Fast – validation begins immediately and reports are typically returned within a few days.

Each organization participating in a Rapid Performance Assessment receives a customized report. This report compares the organization’s performance to a number of peer groups (e.g., size, region, and industry).

Organizations participate in Rapid Performance Assessments by completing easy to use Microsoft Excel-based data collection instruments. These consolidated data collection instruments include relevant glossary terms, measure definitions and computations, and a copy of APQC’s Process Classification Framework® (PCF) to help understand the scope of data collection. PLEASE NOTE: APQC can only accept submissions through it's secure cloud-based submission system. To submit your survey, please click this link.

For more information about the Excel-based data collection instruments, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

There may be a fee associated with your participation. Please see the Open Standards Benchmarking fee schedule for more information.