Product Development

Complete the Product Development Open Standards Benchmarking Assessment to identify your organization’s potential performance gaps in getting high-quality products and services to market.

Considering the complexity of the product development activities in many enterprises, it is important to monitor and evaluate the inputs, outputs, and outcomes of this vital process. This assessment will focus on the following product development processes:

  • Govern and manage product/service development program,
  • Generate and define new product/service ideas,
  • Design and prototype products and services,
  • Test market for new or revised products and services, and
  • Prepare for production/service delivery.

Through this assessment, you will uncover opportunities to improve:

  • Percentage of new product/service development projects launched on time,
  • Percentage of revenue from product/services launched in the past year, and
  • Time-to-market in days for new product/service development projects.


There may be a fee associated with your participation. For more information, please check the Open Standards Benchmarking fee schedule.

APQC collects data using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet-based system. Please click the “start assessment” button to download the assessment file. This file contains the survey, all related glossary terms, the measures computed by APQC, and a copy of the Process Classification Framework. You may review and complete this file at your convenience. Send the file as an attachment to when you are finished collecting data. For more information, please review our frequently asked questions.

If you would like to complete multiple surveys for multiple business entities or in more than one process area, or would like additional guidance, please contact the benchmarking Help Desk at +1-713-681-4020 or