Benchmark at no cost with Hitachi Consulting


As the first global set of common standards for business processes and data, the Open Standards Benchmarking ­CollaborativeSM (OSBC) research enables executives to compare performance to peers and pinpoint ­improvement opportunities in areas including:

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Participate in the Open standards benchmarking Research Initiative

The OSBC research initiative provides every organization the opportunity to use a consistent, reliable, and affordable benchmarking tool to compare their business processes and performance to that of relevant peer groups and world-class organizations at no cost.

In return for filling out one or more of the comprehensive OSBC surveys below, you will receive an in-depth custom report that:

  • compares your organization’s performance to that of relevant peer groups and world-class organizations,
  • helps you understand best practices that may improve performance, and
  • identifies improvement opportunities.

Ready to Participate?

Simply go to the Open Standards Benchmarking main page, choose a research topic, and submit organizational data.