Benchmark HCM at no cost with workforce

Focus industries for this survey include: aerospace and defense, chemical and petroleum, consumer packaged goods, electronics, government, health care, information and communications, insurance and investment banking, retail banking, and retail trade stores.

Workforce Management, APQC, and IBM invite you to learn how your organization's focus in HCM compares to that of top performers. We are currently accepting data for our employee development and training survey.

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Survey participants can unearth new opportunities to:

  • align employee and organization
    development needs;
  • create/maintain employee induction programs;
  • define performance objectives;
  • develop competency management plans;
  • develop employee career plans;
  • evaluate and review performance
  • introduce workplace to new hires;
  • manage employee skills development;
  • manage health and safety processes;
  • manage labor management partnerships;
  • match resources to requirements; and
  • more.

Why should you participate?

As this research is underwritten by IBM, we are able to offer this benchmarking opportunity at no cost to your organization. Each participant will receive a confidential, custom benchmarking report that compares current performance to that of the median and top performers for each metric. The gap analysis gives you the foundation to make process changes and achieve rapid improvement.

Note: Participants must complete at least 50 percent of the metric questions to receive a full OSBC benchmarking report. The survey will also be screened through APQC's data validation process. If APQC is unable to validate the survey, a benchmarking report will not be issued.

For survey-specific questions:
+1 (713) 685-4712 or 1 800 776 9676 ext. 4712